XMM-Newton An XXL extragalactic survey: prospects for the XMM next decade
Workshop, 14-16 April 2008, Paris

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Workshop Programme

Preparation Schedule | Programme

Preparation Schedule

  1. January 15st, 2008: deadline for contributions

  2. Early February: contributions and questionnaire will be accessible via the workshop website and open for discussion through a forum.

  3. Mid March: workshop programme

  4. 14-16 April: workshop

  5. End of May: final written contributions from the participants:
    detailed science cases for the adopted survey configuration, observation scheduling, associated follow-up, data processing and work organisation.

  6. End of June: Comprehensive study report and conclusions.

  7. Early October 2008: AO8 XMM deadline


S: simple talk (15+5 min) C: comprehensive talk (30+10 min)
Monday 14th
09h45-10h00M. Pierre: Welcome
Session: Existing and future surveys
(chair M. Georgantopoulos)
10h00-10h20S: M. Watson: The XMM serendipitous survey
10h20-10h40S: R. Fassbender: The XMM distant cluster serendipitous survey
10h40-11h00S: R. Suhada: A coordinated X-ray, SZ and optical survey for galaxy cluster cosmology
11h00-11h20S: S. Murray: The Chandra Bootes Shallow survey
11h20-11h40S: G. Pratt: eROSITA
11h40-12h00LOC announcements
(chair M. Elvis)
Session: Designing the XXL survey: AGN
14h00-14h20S: Y. Yang: Spatial clustering of X-ray selected AGN (Chandra)
14h20-15h00C: M. Plionis, O. Garcet: LSS and cosmological constraints with AGN
15h00-15h20S: W. Forman: Multi-lambda science with the Chandra X-ray Bootes survey
15h20-15h40S: D. Alexander: The X-ray-Infrared/Submillimetre Connection and the Legacy Era of Cosmology
Coffee break
(chair P. Nandra)
16h10-16h50 C: M. Polleta: Multi-wavelength observations of X-ray selected AGN: what we need and why
     A. Georgagakis: Multi-lambda AGN physics and evolution
Session: Designing the XXL survey: X-ray normal galaxies
16h50-17h30 C: A. Georgagakis: A wide area X-ray survey for normal galaxies
     A. Ptak: Normal Galaxies in a Very Wide XMM Survey
Session: Designing the XXL survey: Cluster of galaxies
1. Current status of cluster survey studies
17h30-17h50S: F. Pacaud: Cluster parameter determination and selection effects at a cluster sensitivity of
~10-14 erg/s/cm2 in [0.5-2 keV]

S: simple talk (15+5 min) C: comprehensive talk (30+10 min)
Tuesday 15th
(chair A. Mazure)
08h30-09h10C: G. Holder: SZ Surveys: Source Detection & Catalog Construction, and Mass Estimates
09h10-09h50C: R. Gavazzi: Weak lensing as a mass calibrator and/or a cluster finder
09h50-10h10S: A. Evrard: Selection and Covariance for Multi-wavelength Cluster Surveys
Coffee break
(chair G. Evrard)
10h40-11h20C: JB. Melin: Optimizing the XXL survey design for cluster cosmological studies
2. Toward accurate cluster masses
11h20-11h40S: YY. Zhang: Scaling Relations of the LoCuSS Sample of Galaxy Clusters:
X-ray and Lensing Observations Versus Simulations
11h40-12h00S: F. Pacaud: Sample properties at a cluster sensitivity of ~ 10-14 erg/s/cm2 in [0.5-2] keV
(chair D. Spergel)
14h00-14h20S: J. Berge, A. Refregier: Instrumental and observing requirements for accurate lensing mass measurements of galaxy clusters
3. What do we learn from simulations ?
14h20-14h40S: M. Maturi: Detecting galaxy clusters through optimal filtering: weak lensing, SZ and X-rays
4. Cluster S-Z surveys
14h40-15h00S: J. Hughes: ACT
15h00-15h20S: T. Crawford: SPT
15h20-15h40S: R. Saunders: AMI
15h40-16h00S: R. Kneissl: APEX
16h00-17h00Free time
Cultural evening

S: simple talk (15+5 min) C: comprehensive talk (30+10 min)
Wednesday 16th
(chair M. Pierre)
08h50-09h10S: J.-H.P. Wu: AMiBA
09h10-09h50Discussion 1: Optimal X-ray survey design
  M. Pierre: Summary of the sciences cases
Survey design:
  • size depth shape
  • 1 or 2 areas ?
  • tuning the S-Z survey depths ?
Coffee break
Session: Possible associated surveys
(chair D. Maccagni)
10h20-10h40S: M. Ulmer: Finding distant clusters: NIR requirements for follow-up to the XXL survey
10h40-11h00S: G. Richards: The SDSS stripe 82
11h00-11h20S: H. Rottgering: Radio galaxies as tracers of the large scale structure
11h20-11h40S: D. Spergel: Hyper Suprime-Cam at Subaru
11h40-12h00S: S. Driver: The VISTA Kilo-degree Infrared Galaxy survey (VIKING)
(chair D. Alloin)
14h00-14h20S: P. Nandra: The Herschel Kilo-degree survey
14h20-14h40S: H. Aussel: The CFHT Legacy survey and cluster photometric redshifts
14h40-15h00S: O. Lefevre: An XXL spectroscopic survey
15h00-15h20S: F. Fiore: The optical follow-up of an XMM-Newton large area survey
15h20-16h00Discussion 2: Summary of the possible sky regions
  • existing multi-lambda data
  • possible new follow-up surveys
Coffee break
Session: Technical
(chair B. McBreen)
16h30-16h50S: N. Schartel: XMM-Newton: the technical side of very long projects
16h50-17h10S: S. Snowden: Background Treatment of Large Solid-Angle Contiguous Surveys.
LSS with diffuse X-ray emission
17h10-18h00Summary discussion

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