XMM-Newton An XXL extragalactic survey: prospects for the XMM next decade
Workshop, 14-16 April 2008, Paris

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Workshop Rationale | Scientific Organizing Committee

Workshop Rationale

In the context of the XMM Next Decade projects, we propose a three-day workshop to bring together astronomers interested in a large-scale (100 deg2 scale) extragalactic survey with XMM-Newton. The purpose of the meeting would be to examine the scientific arguments for such a survey, the technical feasibility of conducting the survey with XMM-Newton, and the practical steps needed to make best use of the data that would be returned. Now is an excellent time for such a workshop, since groups have gained considerable experience in working with XMM-Newton data.

Topics to be addressed include:

It is proposed that the workshop be based around large groups undertaking large-scale surveys of this type, with specific invitations to:

and with an open invitation to others, with a maximum suggested meeting size of 50 participants

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Danielle Alloin (Saclay)
  • Mark Birkinshaw (Bristol)
  • Martin Elvis (Harvard)
  • Ioannis Georgantopoulos (Athens)
  • Olivier Le Fevre (Marseille)
  • Dario Maccagni (Milan)
  • Paul Nandra (London)
  • Richard Mushotzky (Goddard)
  • Marguerite Pierre (Saclay, Chair)
  • Trevor Ponman (Birmingham)
  • Hernan Quintana (Santiago)
  • Alexandre Refregier (Saclay)
  • Huub Rottgering (Leiden)
  • David Spergel (Princeton)
  • Jean Surdej (Liege)
  • Ginevra Trinchieri (Milan)
  • Simon White (Garching)

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