XMM-Newton An XXL extragalactic survey: prospects for the XMM next decade
Workshop, 14-16 April 2008, Paris

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How to contribute...

Types of Contributions | Registration Requirements

DEADLINE: January 15th, 2008

Types of Contributions

  1. Solicited or free contributions to the workshop can be of three types:

    1. Propose an XMM survey design (PDF document)

      Give a quantitative description of your favoured survey configuration, e.g. :
      • object density, redshift distribution & selection function
      • X-ray spectral accuracy
      • cosmic variance effects
      • expected accuracy of observable-mass constraints
      • SED fitting efficiency
      • science impact
      • figures of merit
      • etc...

      then, fill the survey questionnaire after registration
      sheet 1 : XMM survey design (in red)
      sheet 2 : associated multi-wl surveys (in green) - if necessary to fulfil the science goals
      sheet 3 : survey location (ad libitum)

    2. Describe an existing or future large scale structure survey (PDF documment)

      • observations
      • scientific relevance of the combination with an XXL survey

      then, fill the survey questionnaire after registration
      sheet 2 : available or future multi-wl surveys (in red)
      sheet 1 : corresponding XMM survey design (in green) - ad libitum
      sheet 3 : survey location

    3. Provide any scientific or technical report to help shaping the XXL survey (PDF document)

      Material on the following topics will be especially appreciated:
      • cf topics to be addressed
      • cluster photometric redshifts
      • AGN SED fitting
      • cluster scaling laws and cosmology
      • XMM operations and survey modes
      • etc...

  2. Format of the contributions:

    • PDF document
    • 5 pages maximum
    • mainly as a set of figures, tables and captions

Registration Requirements

Summary of the documents to be prepared before registration (if you wish to make a contribution):

After registration:

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