About Me:

Since October 2018, I am a research associate (logisticien de recherche) at the STAR institute of the University of Liege.

You can find my cv under this link. Check out this page for the most up-to-date list of my publications.

My past-lightcone:

Soon after the start of my PhD thesis with Jean Surdej at the University of Liège, I received an ESO Studentship to pursue my PhD at ESO Chile under the supervision of Damien Hutsemékers. During those years I discovered the joy of working in a world-class observatory and learning the subtleties of observation at the New Technology Telescope in La Silla. I spent my research time between the study of AGNs and the one of gravitational lenses through imager, spectrographs and Wollaston prisms. While I was carrying a polarimetric survey of quasars, I discovered the lensed object J1131-1231. In April 2005, I defended my PhD thesis entitled Quasar pairs and gravitational lenses: Observational study and observational applications.
In June 2005, I started my first postdoctoral position at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique (LASTRO) of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) with Frédéric Courbin and Georges Meylan. I spent most of my research time collaborating to the launch of the COSMOGRAIL monitoring project, and to study various gravitationally lensed systems.
In September 2008, I started to work as a Humboldt Fellow at the Astronomisches Rechen Institut (ARI), part of the Zentrum für Astronomie of the University of Heidelberg, in the group of Joachim Wambsganss. During that time I strengthened my expertise in quasar microlensing. I developed microlensing as a tool to study the broad line region in AGNs and I obtained the first measurement of the size of that region based on a microlensing monitoring.
In July 2011, I moved to the Argelander Institut für Astronomie of the University of Bonn. Owing to a grant (SL 172/1-1) awarded by the DFG, I pursued there a very fruitful project entitled Developing gravitational lensing techniques to study the properties of dark matter in galaxies.
In September 2014 I moved back to Belgium after being awarded a "Back to Belgium" grant by the BELSPO to carry out research on strong gravitational lensing in the AGO department. of University of Liège.