Dr. Dominique Sluse
Scientific collaborator at Department of Astrophysics, Geophysics, Oceanography (AGO)

Research interests: Gravitational lensing, Quasar structure, Cosmology, Polarisation

I am research assistant and associate Professor of the STAR Institute at the University of Li├Ęge. My main research activity consists in using gravitational lensing (strong and micro-lensing) as a tool to make progresses in three different research fields: Cosmology; Dark matter content of galaxies; Structure of quasars and active galactic nuclei. I am also interested in the development of new techniques to tackle astrophysical problems. More detailed information on my work can be found on my Research page. You may also have a look to the News page to read about recent highlights of my work and links to associated press releases.

Dr. Dominique Sluse
Tel: +32-(0)3669797
email: dsluse (att) uliege . be