Technology Roadmap for Future Interferometric Facilities

     Following the 37th Liège International Astrophysical Colloquium that was held in August 2004 and which was dedicated to the identification of Science Cases for Next Generation Optical/Infrared Interferometric Facilities (the post VLTI era), we intend to organize this year during the JENAM2005 context a follow-up workshop dealing with the definition of a technology roadmap for the construction of future interferometers.

     Formulation of several sets of top-level instrumental requirements will first be addressed. Review of known concepts will then be made, and assessed in how far they meet the above requirements. Following the identification of several critical relevant technologies (e.g. beam transport, detector technology, information technology, adaptive optics theory, etc.), reviews of their current status will be presented as well as plans on how to develop these to meet the proposed requirements.

     It is expected that possible synergies with ongoing and planned ELT, ALMA, ... studies will be proposed.

     It is very much hoped that industry and astronomers will participate very actively to this workshop.

     Finally, realistic cost estimates and identification of potential partners interested in the construction of future generation interferometers will also be addressed.

Scientific committee for this workshop:

       E.J. BakkerLeiden
       C. Cunningham   Edinburgh Royal Observatory
       P. KernGrenoble
       A. QuirrenbachLeiden
       J. SurdejLiège University (chair)

Plenary Talks:

Thursday - 7 July 2005       Room: 304
09h50~10h40 Perspectives for next generation ground- and space-based interferometers
Oliver Absil & Dimitri Mawet

Institut d'Astrophysique et de Géophysique, Université de Liège, Belgique

Afternoon talks:

Wednesday - 6 July 2005: Observations       Room: S74
13h30~14h05 Summary of last year's Liège conference recommendations and thoughts about a strategic roadmap for future interferometers
14h05-14h40 Invited talk:
Complementarity between space and ground-based interferometry
V. Coudé du Foresto & S. Ridgway

14h40-14h55 Scientific requirements for space interferometric missions
C.V.M. Fridlund
14h55-15h30 Invited talk:
A high-level technical overview of prototype and first-generation optical arrays
D. Buscher

15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h15 Cophasing and Fringe Tracking for future interferometers
M. Gai, D. Bonino, L. Corcione, D. Gardiol, M.G. Lattanzi, D. Loreggia, G. Massone, S. Menardi, E. Ribak
16h15-16h50 Invited talk:
Long baseline beam transport
G. Perrin

16h50-17h05 Concept of a pupil densification assembly using optical fibers
F. Patru, D. Mourard, O. Lardière, A. Spang, J.M. Clausse, P. Antonelli, Y. Bresson, S. Lagarde
17h05-17h40 Invited talk:
Single mode beam combination for interferometry
P. Kern

17h40-17h55 Algol-CPNG: The new generation photon counting cameras for visible interferometry
A. Blazit, E. Thiébaut, F. Vakili, L. Abe, A. Spang, J.-M. Clausse, D. Mourard, X. Rondeau
Thursday - 7 July 2005: Observations       Room: S74
13h30-14h05 Invited talk:
Arrays with a wide field of view combination
A. Quirrenbach

14h05-14h40 Invited talk:
Reconfiguration of 8m class telescopes
Max Kraus

14h40-15h15 Invited talk:
Synergies between interfacing a future generation interferometer and ELTs
F. Delplancke

15h15-15h30 Using interferometry to achieve high dynamic range imaging
S. Lacour, G. Perrin
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h35 Invited talk:
The Large Binocular Telescope Model Extrapolated to ELTs
Th. Herbst

16h35-17h10 Invited talk:
Future optical very long baseline interferometers : the OVLA model - a well- populated array
F. Vakili

17h10-17h45 Invited talk:
Arrays without delay lines
V. Borkowski

17h45-18h00 Direct imaging: the natural choice for cophased interferometry
Frantz Martinache & Olivier Lardiere
Friday - 8 July 2005: Observations       Room: S74
09h00-09h35 Invited talk:
Site considerations for the next generation of optical arrrays: Mid-latitude sites versus Antarctica
M. Sarazin

09-35-10h10 Perspective of Interferometry in Antarctica
B. Lopez, F.X. Schmider, F. Vakili, E. Aristidi
10h10-10h40 Coffee break
Room: 204
Plenary talk:
Chance and necessity revisited
Professor CHRISTIAN DEDUVE (Nobel Prize)

11h45-12h20 Invited talk:
AT telescopes at Dome C
O. Pirnay

12h20-13h30 Lunch
13h30-13h45 Aladdin on the road to Darwin
Vincent Coudé du Foresto
13h45-14h20 Invited talk:
EC proposal for FP7 and research infrastructures in astronomy
Panayotis Moschopoulos

14h20-14h35 AstroValley: European Technology Platform on Astronomical Instrumentation
E.J. Bakker et al.
14h35-15h20 General conclusions and discussion
15h20-16h00 Coffee

List of posters for this session:

1. VIDA: a direct imaging instrument for the VLTI and a first step toward hypertelescopes
O. Lardière et al.
2. The OVLA concept for kilometric ground-based hypertelescopes
O. Lardière
3. Dome C site testing : first results of the winter campaign
Aristidi E., Agabi K, Fossat E., Vernin J., Azouit M., Sadibekova T., Martin F.